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Welcome to the Kettering Foot Health Clinic. We’ve been in Kettering since 2002; you might already know the clinic by my name, Helen Venn-Brown.

Chiropody is not just about cutting toenails. Today’s chiropodists are also known as podiatrists and treat every age and foot problem.

We pride ourselves on providing a modern yet personal approach to looking after your feet. This means we look at their total care which then positively affects the whole body. Our treatments range from procedures on ingrowing nails to fitting perscription orthics that correct posture.

Put your feet first!

Feet are a hard-working area of the body and often the most abused. Most people neglect their feet and if a problem occurs they try to treat it themselves; sometimes with disastrous results! 

But many common problems can be avoided, so it’s important to have your feet checked regularly, just as you would your teeth, your eyes or your car. Having your feet examined by a chiropodist could save years of unnecessary expense and discomfort.

Be proud of your feet, they are a remarkable part of your body, look after them and they’ll look after you!

We offer appointments from 9am to 5.30pm.  Appointments outside these hours are possible by special arrangement. 

To find out how we can put a spring in your step please make your appointment by calling 01536 485 381 or emailing info[at] (when emailing please replace [at] with @)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Helen Venn-Brown MBChA  MSSCh  HCPC No: CH20583
Kettering Foot Health Clinic
18 Carrington Street
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